Chamberland Engineering Associates

Chamberland Engineering Associates and Phlauer Partners in Excellence!

Chamberland Engineering Associates is proud to continue our relationship with Phlauer

We do many things that are not always apparent. For example, we start with a philosophy that the sales persons can only sell you the first machine, engineering and production have to sell the second one. In other words, the machine has to be built properly: the machine has to do what we say it will do; easy to install; easy to maintain; aesthetically pleasing, and then we consider cost. Building cheap is just removing material and labor. Building good machinery that is cost effective is the real challenge.

Here are some more things we do:

Every machine starts with a computer analysis that calculates the minimums for the most critical parts to put them inside a "standard" that is applicable for the industry. All deflections have to be within the compression of the gaskets. Because all machines are to a standard design range, if there is a field problem on one machine, we can determine if it is a weakness or an isolated case.

Standards also apply to welding, straightening of components so seals are presented properly, material thickness, and finishing. All seals last longer when properly presented, and seals are your maintenance cost.

Quality control is ongoing with a 60 point plus inspection before shipping.

We try harder to be your first choice, and come back to us for all your mixing needs. Check our references.


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